…and the UK opens its doors!

If you are looking to go abroad and do it the easy way – going to the UK is now the best step forward.


The UK border control has now opened doors to foreign students who wish to study abroad, and to those who wish to someday make UK their home. The news only gets better, students are in some cases eligible for scholarships ranging from £1000 to £4000 depending on the course and the university.

Work Permits!

There is more! UK will now allow all incoming students to work! Apart from the regular part-time work during the course of the study. Those who have completed their studies will now automatically be eligible for PSWV (Post Study Work Visa) for as long as two years!

Easy Entry!

No more visa interview, no more nervous nail-biting! Entry into the UK is easier than ever. You just need to get and admission, fill in the form, and complete the identification formalities at your nearest UK visa office, and you are done. If everything is in order, you getting your Visa is practically guaranteed!

Super Quick Admissions

Admissions are easier too! We now can process admissions into most UK universities within a week. Sometimes, admissions take as little as three days!  There is no need to courier your documents, or get them independently evaluated. Just send in scanned copies of the documents and (as the American idiom goes) Bob’s your uncle!

If you need, free, no-nonsense information about any of this, you could always call us or send in a message over Whatsapp!

See you in the UK!

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