UKVI Proposed Changes for 2021

The immigration rules are set to change. And like it happens with the latest iPhones, the news about the proposed changes has leaked. Unlike with the iPhones, there is a lot of fake news floating around. Here is something that we know and we will keep things updated as and when they happen!

If you are one of those who find it boring to read, the short version is that, nothing much has changed, except for that fact that there is more emphasis on English language proficiency.

Let’s take each of these things one by one.

1. Point based system – 40 becomes 70

As far as the existing rules are concerned, for you to be eligible to enter into the UK you need to have 40 points of which 30 points are for CAS and 10 points for finance. Now, the proposed rules would need you have 70 points with 50 points for CAS and academic requirements and 10 for finance.

And now here is the kicker:  10 points are for English language requirement, which means that everyone entering into the UK will need to prove their English proficiency. This will mean that you’ll have to take test to get a visa. So the days of getting a visa without IELTS or any other English exam might be long gone.

Since it is yet to be decided, we will have to wait for Jan 2021 for things to be final.

2. English Language Requirements

So far, the UKVI has only accepted IELTS as a proof of English proficiency. Now there are plans to accept other English exams. So those of you who are looking at PTE or DET or any other test might have your wish fulfilled! One thing is clear though, you know where to go should you need training!  First Academy still offers the best training for English language courses in India

3. Visa Application- Good News!

…and the there is some good news! Rules that are in force at least till the end of 2020 dictate one can apply for Visa only three months prior to the course commencement date. But now you can apply for a UK visa as early as six months prior to the start date.

4. Visa Time Limits – More Good News!

There is more good news! The existing visa cap is 5 years, which in some cases is extended to 5 years 11 months or 6 years and 11 months. Now however, UK has become more welcoming. There are no study time limits and if you study above a degree level! Masters programs, here we come!

5. Funding Requirements – Not many changes

For those who wish to  study in London, the financial sufficiency limit was £11385 while for studying elsewhere it was £9135. These figures have now gone up, but not by much. The figure of a London is £12006 pounds and for studying elsewhere it is £9207.

6. English Language Assessment

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, English language assessment has become a notable requirement for entering into the UK. As of now, the universities do not write on the CAS about your language proficiency. Starting Jan 2021, if the proposed rules come into effect, universities would have to record how they made the English language assessment on the CAS. The chances are that any test that is taken from home would not be accepted since they are looking for a secure method of assessment!

If you are looking at admissions into UK universities, you know where to contact us!  If you have any questions simply write to us on Whatsapp!

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