Language and Grammar

3 Tips to answer any Cue-card question

ℹ️ First-person narratives use I/We to talk about events that happened to you, from your perspective. To use the first-person narrative, you can do the following:...


IELTS Band 9 Sample 6 - Task 1 - Graph

Want to know what sentence variety is all about in Writing Task 1? This sample response will give you a good idea....

Language and Grammar

4 Easy tips to improve your vocabulary

Here are 4 tips masters of language use to quickly improve and learn new languages faster than anyone else!...


Using Idioms – Quiz

The only problem with my sister is that she is always splitting hairs....


IELTS Writing Task 2 topics with 9 band sample answers

Prepare for your test by understanding the questions and looking at the sample answers for ideas and how they should be arranged. These topics are the most commonly used topics in the exam....

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