High Vocabulary for Speaking

How to use high-level vocabulary and impressive idiomatic expressions to get a great score in speaking. Be it IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or OET....

Language and Grammar

Avoid This Mistake!

Many non-native users find 'Will' and 'Shall' confusing. In this post we aim to put the confusion to rest. Understanding this will/shall (yes, both can be used) help you in any English test you might ...


IELTS - Writing Task 1 - Letter Band 9 Sample

You work at an office and you need new equipment to do your job well; write to your manager about this. In your letter: explain about the equipment you need say why you need it say what you want ...


Writing Sample with high scoring vocabulary

A fantastic use of some of the most common expressions and vocabulary that native English speakers use!...


IELTS Writing Question Types

Depending on which IELTS you take IELTS Academic or IELTS General, the exam covers all types of compositions. In this essay we will look at the different question types you get in IELTS writing...

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