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Can I use Chat GPT for my University Essay

May 26 2023


Chat GPT has become rapidly popular. Should you use it to write your Statement of Purpose? The answer is more complex than you think!

What are the advantage of using Chat GPT?

Here are three MAJOR advantages of Chat GPT for most people, and especially for those who struggle with English.

  • Chat GPT can generate coherent and fluent text on various topics.
  • Chat GPT is good for writing sentences that are grammatically correct.
  • Chat GPT follows the rules and conventions of language.
  • Chat GPT allows you to come up with something in seconds.
  • If you want to apply to a university you do not care about and want to save time.
Sample SOP for Masters
Read a Killer Sample SOP

Here is an SOP that got Sirisha Chandra into an Ivy League university.

Read the Essay

These are all fantastic if you are writing generic content for a boring blog post, or when you are trying to fill pages, or pad-up a page to make it better for search engines. But it is not good always good for writing an SOP or a university essay. Why? Read on..

What are the problems with Chat GPT?

  • Chat GPT can’t go beyond a generic narrative.
  • Chat GPT may produce logical inconsistencies, or irrelevant details that can undermine your credibility.
  • Chat GPT also lacks self-reflection.

So why is Self-Reflection important in a Statement of Purpose?

Self-reflection is a key skill that good universities are looking for in a candidate. Self Reflection is about learning from your mistakes, and demonstrating your understanding of a situation. Chat GPT can’t provide that kind of insight or feedback.

  • Chat GPT can’t tap into the unpredictable.
Unpredictability is one of the essential aspects of your purpose statement 

Does it mean, our essay should be unpredictable?

While it might be difficult to believe, unpredictability is one of the essential aspects of your purpose statement or SOP. Chat GPT can only generate text based on its pre-trained data and parameters, which means it can’t produce original or creative ideas that challenge the status quo or offer new perspectives. Unpredictability helps you to stand out from the crowd, engage your audience, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Chat GPT can’t do that at all.

  • Chat GPT doesn’t have a sense of style or voice.
These are the elements that to make your writing unique and memorable.

I am sure you must have read that an SOP or a purpose statement must be unique and compelling. The secret to making your statement that way is style and voice. These are the elements that to make your writing unique and memorable.

Creativity helps you to express yourself in a distinctive and compelling way, to capture the attention and interest of your readers, and to convey your message effectively. Chat GPT can’t achieve that.

I still want to use Chat GPT - What do I do?

If you want to write an SOP or a purpose statement to a university that you are applying only as a fail-safe and you are not too interested in that university, then Chat GPT can save a lot of time.  Here are some tips to make a Chat GPT response more creative:

  • Add your own examples or anecdotes, that illustrate your point or support your argument.
  • Use metaphors, similes, or analogies that make your writing more vivid and engaging.
  • Vary your sentence structure, length, and rhythm to create contrast and emphasis.
  • Use different types of words, that add variety and richness to your language. (Remember we said different types of words, not big words or fancy words)
  • Vary the tone, and mood to suit the purpose.
  • Avoid cliches, jargon, or vague words that weaken your writing or confuse your readers.

I want to learn more about writing an SOP

We have linked a lot of articles that will help you in understanding what to include in an SOP. Beyond that we regularly have interactive session on SOPs and Visa Interviews, and university selections for both masters and undergraduate programs.

Should you be interested in any of those, feel free to have a word with us, so we may include you in one of our upcoming sessions. You may reach out to to us via this Form or via Whatsapp


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