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Parallel Structures

All things being constant, what is the difference between Band 7, Band 8, and Band 9? One of the answers is 'Parallel Structure'. Using parallel structures appropriately and accurately can have a dram...

Word Usage Quiz

It is easy to learn words, but incredibly difficult to use them correctly. Take a look at the easy quiz and check your usage skills....

Active and Passive Voice – For Writing and Speaking

Active to passive conversions (or vice versa) are more than a grammar exercise that we do in school. While we are never taught the purpose of these conversions, knowing how to convert a sentence from ...

GRE Reading Comprehension Test

10 Difficult Questions in GRE. From vocabulary to inferences, this tests looks at a few difficult questions that will help you get ready for GRE....


GRE Sample Questions – Critical Reasoning

From understanding inference, to identifying a flaw, to figuring out the intricacies of a situation, critical reasoning questions in the GRE can test you on several skills. The test here looks at a se...


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