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GRE Critical Reasoning

Here is a sample test of GRE Critical Reasoning questions. Critical Reasoning questions contain a short to medium length paragraph. This paragraph is called the argument (Yes, it similar to those you ...


Listening Test 1 – Difficulty: High

The listening test contains multiple choice questions. As with most multiple choice questions in most listening tests, the answer options will have words and phrases that are a part of the conversatio...

GRE Reading Comprehension Sample Test – 1

So you have attended the reading comprehension session at First Academy, now is the time to go further....

GRE Critical Reasoning Sample Test -PC

This week’s session was about the Critical Reasoning component of the GRE. The GRE Critical Reasoning questions are an extension of the Argument task in the Analytical Writing Assessment section of ...


Grammar and Sentence Structure Test

Wondering about what the right phrase would be in the context? This quiz is for you....

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