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Part 2 of 8 | 120 High Scoring Words

Jan 11 2022


The second installment of the series on high-scoring, high-frequency words that you come across in a host of English tests including the IELTS, TOEFL, and the GRE.

Part 2 of 8 | 120 High Scoring Words - First Academy

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  1. Agile

    Is being able to move about quickly and easily. People and things can be agile. It can also mean being mentally quick and sharp.
    Sentence: He was agile, like a wild animal, quick and confident in his steps.

  2. Chronic

    Something that lasts for a long time, keeps coming back or continues to happen. A problem that cannot be solved can also be called chronic.
    Sentence: Despite being a chronic alcoholic, he was a man of fine physique.

    Sentence: For most people asthma is a chronic condition.

  3. Dwindle

    To become smaller and smaller or shrink away, gradually. It can be things that can diminish, if not handled properly.
    Sentence: If the customers dwindle, so will the profits.

  4. Eccentric

    Characteristics, appearance or behavior of a person or a thing that is odd; and unconventional. An person who regularly does things is a bizarre or unconventional manner can also be called an eccentric.
    Sentence: He was a man of eccentric tastes. He wore oddly designed clothes and weird hats.

  5. Flounder

    Struggle to move or move clumsily. Awkward; have difficulties in doing something.

    Sentence: When the teacher asked a difficult questions, he floundered for an answer.

    Sentence: As soon as we started driving on loose sand, the car began to flounder, and the steering began to wobble.

  6. Impose

    To force someone to do something by authority. 
    Sentence: My father has the habit of imposing his wishes on others.

    Sentence: The government imposed military rule to keep the citizens from protesting.

  7. Lax

    Not very strict, or severe. Lacking in care or attention.

    Sentence: The security at the movie stars house was so lax that two fans entered the house through the main door.

    Sentence: The invigilation was so lax that all of the students cheated in the exam.

  8. Lull

    A period of calm. A dull period.

    Sentence: Afternoons in summer are a period of lull for many businesses.

    Sentence: Soon after the storm, the weather calmed down and there was a lull.

  9. Meticulous

    Show extreme care and attention to details. Taking care of even the minor details.

    Sentence: The room was meticulously cleaned. Not a single corner had dust.

  10. Obliged

    To do something because you are expected to do or because you have to do it, and not because you want to.

    Sentence: When we attend weddings we are obliged to take gifts.

    Sentence: He was a good friend, so I didn't feel obliged to give him a gift on his birthday.

  11. Plagiarise

    Take someone else's ideas or work and use it as your own without permission. In other words - copying.

    Sentence: Plagiarised essays are not scored in exams.

  12. Remnant

    Anything that remains. leftover, remainder.

    Sentence: We arrived at the wedding after everyone had left. There were only remnants of food left.

    Sentence: He was exhausted and hungry. But when he saw a tiger running towards him, he used the last remnants of energy to run away .

  13. Sophisticated

    Refined. Complicated. Having good taste. Polished. Complex. Well developed. The word can take many meanings, so be careful with how you use it. Incorrect use of this word can often change the intended meaning of the sentence.

    Sentence: In the early 2nd century, Indian astronomy was highly sophisticated, and was equal to western astronomy.

    Sentence: In comparison to the sophisticated dialogue around, my thoughts seemed childish.

    Sentence: She was as expert in looking sophisticated even in the simplest of clothes.

  14. Sustain

    This is one of those words that is repeatedly and quite often misused. Sustain means to extend the existence of something. Uphold. Do not confuse it with sustenance.

    Sentence: Their earnings were enough to sustain their families.

    SentenceThe rocky hill did not sustain any life.

  15. Versatile

    Adaptable. Flexible. Being able to do many things.

    Sentence: Wheat is a versatile grain. It can be used to make bread, cake, and rotis.

    Sentence: He is a person of versatile talent. He is an author, academic and, a rock musician.


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