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Writing Sample with high scoring vocabulary

A fantastic use of some of the most common expressions and vocabulary that native English speakers use!...


OET Writing Sample

A variation of the official sample of an OET writing task that could be rated Grade A in the Writing Section of the OET....

Language and Grammar

Avoid This Mistake!

Many non-native users find 'Will' and 'Shall' confusing. In this post we aim to put the confusion to rest. Understanding this will/shall (yes, both can be used) help you in any English test you might ...


High Vocabulary for Speaking

How to use high-level vocabulary and impressive idiomatic expressions to get a great score in speaking. Be it IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or OET....


Money and Happiness - High Vocabulary Essay

Here is a high-scoring essay with top-level vocabulary, phrases, connecting words and flawless use of language. Note how the ideas flow smoothly from one to another without obvious use of keywords....


13 Abbreviations for OET

Here are 13 abbreviations that every medical professional knows. Check to see where you stand!...

Language and Grammar

5 High-scoring expressions to talk about the future

Using the right tense at the right time can be a difficult task. In this post, we look at 5 expressions to talk about the future and how to use them! Look at the expression with usage samples!...

Language and Grammar

11 Adjectives for Describing Diagrams

Many exams require test takers to describe diagrams, graphs, charts and information given in images. Whether it is the Writing Task 1 of IELTS or Describing an Image in the PTE or DET, you will find s...


My GRE Scores Have Been Cancelled

5 Things you can do if your GRE Scores have been cancelled....


10 Speaking Expressions for a Top Score

What does it mean to speak fluently? It is not just about rattling out sentences at top speed. Speech must come naturally and a large part of being natural is down to three factors. Those are......


Writing Task 1 - Band 9 Sample - Survey - PTE Describe a Diagram

The bar chart below shows the results of a survey conducted by a personnel department at a major company. The survey was carried out on two groups of workers: those aged from 18-30 and those aged 45-...


Short Answers for Good Scores - 2

Continuing from the previous post, this post looks at expressions that you can use to make you speaking sound more natural. This will usually give you a better score (tone and coherence). Expression a...


Short Answers for Good Scores - 1

Sometimes, it is better to give a short answer. This is especially the case since repeating a part of the question in your answer might make it sound repetitive. This might also give the examiner a fe...

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