GRE Critical Reasoning Sample Test -PC

This week’s session was about the Critical Reasoning component of the GRE. The GRE Critical Reasoning questions are an extension of the Argument task in the Analytical Writing Assessment section of ...


Grammar and Sentence Structure Test

Wondering about what the right phrase would be in the context? This quiz is for you....


IELTS Reading Activity

Here is a reading test that will help you get better for every test....

Language and Grammar

Modifiers Quiz 1

A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause which functions as an adjective or an adverb to describe a word or make its meaning more specific....


Matching – Listening Exercise

In the listening section of many tests, particularly IELTS and TOEFL, the matching question types (including MCQs) are easily the most challenging. These questions types expect the test takers to be a...


Critical Reasoning for GRE – Sample Test 2

For those of you who are wondering: The image is courtesy Microsoft Spotlight – The location is the Katsura River in Japan – on that soothing note, may you do well in the test!...


IELTS Band 9 sample 3 - Task 2

Question #3 Climate change is a phenomenon that affects countries all over the world. Many people strongly believe that it is the responsibility of individuals, rather than corporations and gov...


IELTS Band 9 sample 2 - Task 2

Question 2 More and more qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries to fill vacancies in specialist areas like engineering, computing and medicine. Some people believe that by enc...


IELTS Band 9 sample 1 - Task 2

Band 9 in IELTS? Writing tasks such as these can help!...

General Interest

Translation and Meaning of Sittarala Sirapadu

Regional and folk songs seem to be all the rage these days. From the super popular daari choodu dummu choodu, to the incredibly popular Penimiti to the ya.. ya.. song, the secret to block-busting the ...


Six Tips for a Killer SOP

What to and what not to write in an SOP are questions that confuse candidates seeking admissions. So what should a good statement have? The bottom line is that, just as every person has had different ...


OET Exam Awareness

Hope you have all had a great Valentine's day! ????Especially the cardiologists among you! ????We get a lot of queries about coaching for OET, and unsurprisingly, many who wish to take coaching only w...

General Interest

There or Their?

We at First Academy have the fortune of learning on the job. As teachers of English, we are naturally among the first to encounter the most common mistakes people make and encounter them on a regular ...


IELTS Pattern Changes – January 2020

There seems to be only one news that seems to be more popular now than the changes in the IELTS test – and that is news about Coronavirus. Since we are more in tune with the first and not with the l...

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