Understanding Reading Comprehension

One of the most troublesome sections in most English exams is reading comprehension. The biggest challenge is that most of us are not used to reading, [tooltip tip=”something is far less likely or suitable than something else already mentioned.”]let alone[/tooltip] reading with full concentration. If you are looking for a ‘tip’ to improve your RC performance, here it is – read more often. It does not sound much like a tip, but you will be surprised at how beneficial that can be. Putting in an effort to read for even 30 minutes each day can dramatically improve your levels of concentration and understanding.

For starters, take a look at a small, relatively easy reading comprehension passage. The passage is given below, and questions follow the passage:


Now, answer the following questions. There is no time limit. Focus on understanding the question and figuring out what the answer is. Good Luck!


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